Telling the story is the heart of any production…
Our goal is to tell interesting stories - or help others do the same.
So when we find a subject for a production or hear a client's needs,
we create the right concept to visually tell their story to the audience, making the right impact.

And when overseas producers hire DCL Media to help tell their stories, we work hard to provide them with the proper crew, equipment, locations and atmosphere or whatever it takes to "get it on tape" so they can complete their story-telling process.
David graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Double Major BA Degree in Communication Arts (Radio/Television/Film Production) and Hebrew and Semitic Studies.

In Chicago he freelanced on various television commercials, cable and satellite shows   eventually becoming Supervising Producer/Director at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.   David produced and directed a variety of productions for the national office including multi-media programs; trade shows; public relations; corporate communication and training videotapes.  Among the clients were companies such as Kodak, Inc.; General Electric; and General Motors. He received an IFPA Silver CINDY Award as an Associate Producer.

Moving to Israel in 1986, Mr. Lewis continued working in documentary, television, public relations and corporate communications productions.  In 1990 he joined the staff of the newly formed ICP (Israel Cable Production), the for-runner of today’s HOT Cable television. He was the chief In-house producer/director for special productions as well as director for promo spots on the Family and Film channel.

Returning to the freelance world and forming DCL Video Productions, David continued to direct documentaries and television programs for the US, Israel and international markets.  He also began providing production services to overseas crews and companies who came to work in Israel. His programs have been broadcast internationally in American stations including many PBS affiliates, various cable networks; Israel Channel 2; EO-Holland; France 2; NHK-Japan; RAI 1-Italy; RTL-Germany; and S4C-Wales; RETV, Ireland.

DCL Video Productions continued to produce many PR, commercial and industrial spots for various organizations and companies in Israel and the international market.   

Most recently David served as the chief (AVID/FCP) editor and a team script-writer for a 12 part educational documentary series entitled “Faith & Fate: The History of the Jews in the Twentieth Century”, which has had portions broadcast on the History Channel (Israel).

David currently has several documentary projects in various stages of production.