• Line Production
    Line Producer, International Clients (partial list):

    National Public Radio - Production Consultant, radio concert program.
    Lightcatcher Productions -“The Mystery of the Copper Scroll” (HDV documentary).
    Squire Communications - Field producer for series of radio spots.
    Tall Pony Productions -  “Music On High” (music video “unplugged” DIRECTTV )
    Fox-Lorber Productions - “Quest: In Search of the Lost Ark” (documentary)
    FOX News - News Field Producer (soft/hard news reports)
    PBS Field Producer/Director, NYC- “The Leon Charney Report” (news television show)
    UJC Federations - variety of documentary, PR and video clips.
    Better World Media - Field Producer/Director on several documentaries and PR programs.
    Cinevision USA - Line Producer/Director for several documentaries and educational programs.
    Stephen Wilkes Photography - Location Scout & Field Producer Hi-end Commercial still-photography project.
    Moria Productions - Line Producer, Multi-crew Documentary project.
  • TV News Editing
    CTC News/Documentary editing:
    • CNN
    SKYNEWS - News editing
    REUTERS (various news agency clients)
    • Adam Boulton Report
    RTE TELEVSION Irish  - “Prime Time” (Half hour documentary)
    • RTR Russian Television
    TV-1 & TV-2 Danish Television
    • Israel Up-Close News
  • Drama & Education
    Dramatic/Educational Programs:
    •  Medical Ethics
    - edited 2 dramatic 25 minute episodes
    •  Tel Ad - “Israel Scene”
    - edited 12 part dramatic series
    •  Hebrew University
    •  Umachaka
    - Field Director and Editor for Kickstarter Campaign
    •  Cinevision USA - Field Producer documentary series
    •  Chopin’s Revolutionary Etudes - 5-part DVD Pilot exploring the musical genius of Chopin


  • Corporate & Commercial
    Producer/Director, Non-broadcast Productions (partial client list):

    Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site
    Jewish National Fund, USA
    The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel
    Aerobit Industries, Ltd.
    Medicom Supplies, Ltd.    
    Trager Construction, Ltd.
    Alei Katif Green Vegetables, Ltd.
    Bank of Israel
    Inter American Development Bank
    Shaare Zedek Hospital
    Magen Yehuda Rapid Response Team
    Phillip Stein & Associates
    Tirat Carmel Hospital
    UJA America / Israel
    Israel Technical College
    Jerusalem College of Technology
    Bar Ilan University
    Oter Yisrael Jerusalem
    Emunah Women, USA
    “Mayanei Hayeshua” Israel - PR film
    Teicher Stein PR Firm USA - Post Production
    Adass Yisroel Germany - PR and Informational film
    Instep Mobility USA - POP and information
    Beverly Siegel Production - Documentary film Field Producer
  • Tele-production
    Television Directing & Editing (partial listing):

    “FAITH & FATE: The History of the Jews in the 20th Century”

    Chief Editor and script-writing team member.  12-part educational documentary series.  Broadcast on The History Channel (Israel).

    Short humorous dramatic program about Rosh Hashanah, broadcast on Israel Satellite Television.

    Price Communication Israel Channel 2. Editor Television Documentary  

    58-minute television documentary exploring Manfred Steinfeld’s look back at WWII and the Holocaust. Broadcast on several PBS affiliate stations throughout the United States.

    “EXCAVATING THE BIBLE –Revelations in Archaeology”
    Television/cable and Home-video series (6x26 min), examining unique discoveries at several archaeological sites in Israel. Broadcast throughout Europe, Australia and South Africa and the United States.
    • “Marine Archaeology”
    • “Ancient Tunnels of Jerusalem”
    • “Tel Hazor – Searching For Biblical Proofs”
    • “The Mysterious Mosaics of the Galilee”

    Television series pilot following the work-day life of different foreign TV news journalists, exploring the complex issues involved in reporting news from “far away” to the reporter’s home country. 15 min.

    Documentary program exploring Television and Film actor Steve Greenstein’s traumatic family history as a child of Holocaust Survivors. 40 min.

    Holocaust child-survivor Sophie copes with her past by creating a variety of dramatic dolls reflecting her image of the world 15 min. Cablecast on various USA cable channels.

    Negev Communication Channel 2. 10-part Aerobics exercise program (multi-cam) series.